Val di Noto & the South East

The south east of Sicily not only includes the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Syracuse and the lovely Baroque towns of the Val di Noto, you’ll also find some of the best coastline on the island here. On the south coast in particular you’ll find long stretches of deserted sandy beaches.


Sagra della ricotta e del Formaggio
One of the oldest food festivals on the island celebrates its most famous cheese: ricotta. Dozens of dishes and treats made with ricotta including cassata and cannoli are on offer as well as plenty of other cheeses.

Sagra del Pomodoro and I Gusti del Barocco, Sampieri
A three day tomato festival with plenty of cooking, eating, drinking, folklore and culture.


Easter is big in Sicily, with every city, town and village celebrating with processions weaving their way through the streets, culminating at the local church or cathedral. Many pagan traditions celebrating spring are also incorporated into these religious events. Seasonal dishes and delicacies enjoyed include cassata (a sponge cake with sweetened ricotta cream, marzipan and candied fruits and pumpkin), marzipan confectionaries shaped in to fruits and agnello pasquale, Easter lambs and Frittella - a seasonal dish made with peas, artichokes and fava beans in celebration of spring.



Infiorata di Noto, Noto
Italy’s best-known flower festival sees one of the Baroque town’s main streets, Via Nicolaci, carpeted with a series of flower tapestries. The day after the festival finishes children enjoy running through the petals scattering them in all directions.

Festa della Fragola, Cassibile and Syracuse
A celebration of the first crop of strawberries held every year around the end of April/beginning of May.

Sagra delle Teste di Turco, Modica, Scicli
A celebration of the liberation of Sicily in 1091, following the Norman victory over the Arabs, with the town’s traditional cake, known as Turks’ Head, and a glass or two of local wine.


Mid May to late June

Teatro Greco, Syracuse
One of Sicily’s most prestigious cultural events each spring is the Greek Theatre Festival. At sunset, in the evocative setting of this ancient amphitheatre, a classical Greek comedy or tragedy is performed, transporting audiences thousands of years back in time.
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Sagra della Cipolla, Giarratana

An onion festival, where you can sample a myriad of onion-based dishes with cheese, wine, live music and fireworks.

Sagra dei Sapori Chiaramontani, Chiaramonte Gulfi
A feast of flavours celebrating traditional local food.



Ibla Buskers, Ragusa
An evening music festival held in Ragusa Inla (the old town of Ragusa) every October wirth several small stages featuring music and circus style acts.