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5 things to do in Taormina

Isola Bella,Taormina - Nikiforov Alexander   |  ShutterstockNikiforov Alexander | Shutterstock

For those heading to the beautiful town of Taormina, here are five things you should do during your holiday.

Stay in a converted monastery

Hotel Grounds

Enjoy a cultural and historical stay in one of our memorable and beautiful converted monastery or convent properties.

Honeymoon hotels in Sicily

Terrace views

Make your honeymoon in Sicily extra romantic by staying in one of our hotels perfect for loved up couples.

Honey of the Hyblaean Mountains

Learn the story behind the delicious honey of the Hyblaean Mountains and the people who make it.

The perfect touring week in Sicily

Mount Etna - ollirg   |  Shutterstockollirg | Shutterstock

Ignore time and distance, this would be the dream week in Sicily, exploring the entire island's attractions.

The top 5 hidden treasures in Sicily

Delve into secret, hidden Sicily and discover some of the island's fantastic hidden treasures that await you.