Why visit Mondello Beach?

Updated on Apr 10, 2017 by Stacey Parsons

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Take some time out of your sightseeing schedule to discover Mondello Beach.

A land of soft white sand, pastel coloured changing huts and shallow, crystalline water, Mondello is every beach lover’s dream. Located 12km north of Palermo on Sicily’s northern coast, it offers a perfect day’s break for city break goers and is easy to get to. If you don’t have a car, from Palermo you can hop on a bus or a coach and it doesn’t cost much to get there.  

Teatro Massimo, Palermo. Image credit: Aleksandar Todorovic | Shutterstock


If you’re holidaying during peak season, you’ll find when you get there that this beach is popular – with locals and tourists alike. The reason being, there’s something for everyone. The sand calls to the sunbathers, there’s water sport activities so those in need of entertainment are catered for, and the shallow water makes it an ideal and safe spot for families. There’s also a great selection of restaurants and a small supermarket along and close to the beach, so you can enjoy a leisurely lunch, or keep your costs down if you’d rather grab a sandwich from the shop.

Mondello Beach. Image credit: Aleksandar Todorovic | Shutterstock

Image credit: Gandolfo Cannatella | Shutterstock


If you fancy a little break from the sand and sea (which may be unlikely), you can go for a short stroll into the centre of the town to explore the piazza, or keep going up to the harbour, a picturesque place where you’ll get to see locals fishing from the pier.

From the beach, you won’t be able to ignore the superb views of Monte Gallo, magnificently perched close by. Standing at 435m, it’s an impressive sight, but if you fancy exploring a little more than the views from the beach, the Capo Gallo promontory is a nature reserve where you can enjoy walking along the coastline. You can get to this from Mondello itself, and walk as far as you please.

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