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If you’re wondering what to wear in Sicily and what things to pack for your holiday, we’ve written this useful guide covering the changing seasons.

With so many ancient sites and beautiful towns to explore, as well as glorious countryside and stunning beaches, you’ll most likely want a range of clothing and footwear.

Appearances matter in Sicily, and for the traditional passeggiata (a slow stroll taken in the early evening through historic, usually pedestrianised streets) you’ll also want something a little smarter to wear unless you want to stick out like a sore thumb. The passeggiata is particularly popular on Sunday evenings, when people dress to impress, showing off new outfits and new shoes. You won’t see many people in t-shirts, shorts and flipflops!


Travel essentials to pack for your holiday in Sicily at any time of year

1. Footwear – flipflops are perfect for the beach, however, a pair of light walking shoes or walking sandals will also be useful for exploring quaint cobbled streets or walks in the countryside. If you’re planning to go hiking, then appropriate walking boots/shoes are essential. Sturdy, low heeled shoes are also advisable for visiting archaeological sites. If you think you may want to join the passeggiata you’ll want some smarter shoes to wear.

2. Sunscreen – even on cloudy days, the sun in Sicily can be surprisingly strong, any time of year. While a little sun exposure is good for you, stimulating the production of vitamin D, too much sun is most definitely not!

3. Sun hat – preferably one with a big brim to help protect your scalp, neck and face (and other areas that people often forget to put sunscreen on such as behind the ears).

4. Sunglasses – sunglasses with UV filters protect your eyes and the delicate skin around your eyes from sunlight and should be worn even on cloudy days. Choose glasses with 100% UVA and UVB protection.

5. Insect repellent – we recommend taking insect repellent to help avoid annoying insect bites.

6. Round two-pin electrical adapter (to fit Italian sockets).

7. Documents – passport, insurance documents and flight tickets plus your driving licence (if you are hiring a car).

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A seasonal guide to what to pack for a holiday in Sicily

What to wear in Sicily in April, May or June

  • You’ll need a variety of clothing in the spring suitable for both hotter days (in the low to mid-twenties) and possible chilly evenings. Layered clothing is best, allowing you to add or remove items as necessary.
  • The island is known for its long summers with the sea warm enough for swimming from May until October.
  • Even if you’re travelling in April we’d still recommend taking sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat as the sun can be deceptively strong.
  • It’s the perfect time of year for active holidays such as cycling and walking before it gets too hot, so be sure to take comfortable walking shoes.
  • You can expect a little rain in early spring so do pack an umbrella or rain jacket.

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Check out what the weather’s like in Sicily in April, May or June.


What to wear in Sicily in July and August

  • In the height of summer, loose fitted outfits in natural fibres is the best style of clothing to help you keep cool.
  • A high protection factor sun cream or sunblock is essential, as is a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses.
  • A long sleeve t-shirt with UPF (ultraviolet radiation protection factor) can be particularly useful for swimming and snorkelling (or, if you happen to overdo the sunshine, it will help protect sunburnt skin).

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Check out what the weather’s like in Sicily in July or August.


What to wear in Sicily in September and October

  • At this time of year, the evenings can start to get a little chilly so be sure to pack a jumper or light jacket.
  • Don’t forget your swimming costume as the weather and sea temperatures tend to stay warm enough for swimming well into October.
  • Once again, it’s a great time of year to get active, whether you wish to explore the countryside, historic towns or archaeological sites, you’ll want comfortable shoes.
  • An umbrella or waterproof jacket may well prove useful for the occasional shower.

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Check out what the weather’s like in Sicily in September or October.


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