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Not sure on the best time of the year to visit the beautiful city of Taormina? We’re here to help.

A destination boasting not only superb Mediterranean climes, a holiday to Sicily’s historical town of Taormina is a rewarding experience. With historical monuments, shops, restaurants, the magnificent Mount Etna and stunning coastline nearby, there’s plenty to satisfy all manner of holiday-makers in and around this city.

Where you might consider Taormina for a city break, this could certainly impact the time of year you want to visit, so we’re here to talk you through the weather you can expect in Taormina throughout the spring, summer and autumn, to help you decide when’s best for your holiday in Sicily.


April and May

The weather in Taormina during spring is certainly what you might describe as pleasant. Where in the UK we’re still waiting for the crisp mornings to disappear and the warm evenings to draw in, this has already arrived in Sicily. A balmy 20°C is the average temperature, so if you are considering Taormina for a city or adventure-filled break, these are some of the best months to visit.

Amphitheatre in Taormina. Image credit: vvoe | Shutterstock 


June, July and August

The main summer months is when the island starts to heat up to a blissful 30°C average. Ideal for those who want to base themselves in Taormina and enjoy the nearby beaches such as Isola Bella and Giardini Naxos, but perhaps a little too hot for those who are in search of hiking and other outdoor activities. That being said, a trek around Mount Etna’s crater would be perfect at this time of year, as being over 3000m high, the air is cooler and the views on a sunny day are spectacular.

Isola Bella. Image credit: Janis Smits | Shutterstock


September and October

Sicily is blessed with long summers, so even if you choose to visit as late as October, you won’t find yourself getting chilly as the temperatures hover around the mid to high-twenties. Again, this is the ideal time to enjoy Taormina as a city break, but the sea during September especially is still lovely and warm to warrant a day or two at the beach. As by this time many of the tourists have returned home, it’s a great chance to get more of a glimpse into local life. One of our favourite pastimes is to find an authentic little café, grab a tasty Italian coffee and do some people watching.

Image credit: Boris Stroujko | Shutterstock

For more information about Sicily’s year-round temperatures, visit our online weather guide.


No matter which time of the year you decide to visit Sicily, you’re sure to have a fantastic time as the island truly does cater for everyone. For history seekers, why not check out our Authentic Experiences, for beach lovers you’re sure to find something suitable in our Beach Holidays ideas, and for a touch of romance, see which properties we recommend here.  

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