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A city break in Palermo isn't always reliant on the weather, but with some great nearby beaches, you'll want to head to the city at a pleasant time of year.

Palermo is a fantastic destination for a short break to Sicily, a mesmerising city with a fascinating history and plenty of perks and rewards for those who choose to head there for a city break. Whether you aim to devour the city's host of famous street food dishes, admire the impressive architecture or head out to some of the nearby beaches, you'll find plenty to do in Palermo.

As is the case for all holidays, the weather in Palermo will undoubtedly be an integral factor in your getaway experience, whether you jet-off on a two-week beach escape or just for a city break for a few nights. To give you an idea of the weather in Palermo and some of the most beneficial times to visit the city, we've put together this mini climate guide.

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The weather in Palermo


April - June

When April arrives, the days grow longer, warmer and dryer, with temperatures beginning to enter the low-20s. As the next couple of months roll by, the temperatures experience a welcomed and gradual increase, in both the sea and air. While the beach is most likely to be off the agenda in April, a trip round the corner to Mondello Beach in late May or June can most certainly be on the cards. As the main summer heat is yet to arrive, April through to June is a great period for outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling, while the lower temperatures will also make exploring the streets, markets and landmarks of Palermo much less taxing. 

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July & August

This is when the island's steamiest weather arrives, with July experiencing the hottest annual temperatures, well into the 30s. This is the Mediterranean climate at its finest, and there'll be no surprise in learning that the beaches and coastline that surround Palermo are a playground for locals and tourists at this time of year. The humidity can also rise to high levels, making Palermo something of a sauna in July and August. Getting inside to admire galleries and museums will give you respite from the heat, while the attraction of a day trip inland to higher and cooler climates will almost certainly be on your itinerary.

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September & October

Across both September and October, the temperature begins to gradually drop down towards the mid-20s, making the climate perfect for a city break, and still even good enough for a day or two at the beach. The sea water is still very warm, and you'll find that Mondello Beach becomes much quieter as August disappears. Without the peak season crowds, Palermo's streets and attractions seem much quieter, and for many, September and October are two of the most rewarding months for spending a short break in Palermo.

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Where to stay in Palermo


Hotel Principe di Villafranca

Boasting an unrivaled location at the heart of the historic centre of Palermo, Hotel Principe di Villafranca is a friendly and boutique-style city hotel. With its clean, contemporary and artistic character, this 32-room hotel allows plenty of intimacy and privacy, while further benefiting from wonderful features like its fantastic on-site restaurant, library and gym.

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Grand Hotel Villa Igiea

A luxurious 5-star hotel with a breathtaking waterfront location close to the city of Palermo, Grand Hotel Villa Igiea will provide an unforgettable escape in Sicily's north. Boasting the likes of historic gardens, a magnificent pool, superb coastal views and a renowned restaurant - you'll struggle to find a better haven of luxury and comfort near the city of Palermo.

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Find out more about the climate across the island by taking a look at our dedicated Sicily weather page.

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