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Embrace some thrills and action during your Sicily holiday by taking part in one or two of the top 5 Sicily adventures discovered across the island.

While many holidaymakers flock to the beautiful island of Sicily to relax, recharge and indulge, there are a number of other ways to characterise your holidays in Sicily. The island’s diverse and dramatic landscapes, as well as its ancient history, promise a significant opportunity for exploration and outdoor activities. Whether it’s getting to know one of the world’s most active volcanoes or taking a journey back in time, here are our top 5 Sicily adventures to consider during your holiday.


1. Tackle Mount Etna

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest active volcano in Europe, Mount Etna is arguably Sicily’s most iconic landmark. Located in the north-east of the island, the smouldering peak offers a world of adventure to those on holiday in Sicily, including treks up to the crater and even as far as the summit.

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2. Go body rafting along the Alcantara River

Flowing through the heart of the breath-taking Alcantara Gorge is the Alcantara River, darting beside narrow, steep cliff-faces and past eye-catching rock formations. One of the best and most thrilling ways to absorb the majesty of this natural site is to go body rafting down the Alcantara river. Simply lay back and let the water transport you along through a Sicilian natural marvel. It's worth noting that only confident swimmers are advised to have a go at body rafting.

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3. Trek in the Valle dell'Anapo

Located a stone’s throw from the incredible Necropolis of Pantalica, with its rock-cut chamber tombs, is the Valle dell’Anapo. A haven for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, there are numerous trails you can enjoy here, many leading to a beautiful river where you can swim and even cliff jump if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

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4. Go snorkelling in the Zingaro Nature Reserve

Home to a number of cosy, pretty bays, windswept mountainsides and remarkable coastal vistas, there’s no surprise that the Zingaro Nature Reserve was established as Sicily’s first protected area back in 1981. Hiking trails are aplenty, as is the range of flora and fauna, but it is discovering the world beneath the waves that is often the most rewarding experience in the reserve.

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5. Take a journey back in time at the Valley of the Temples

There are countless ancient archaeological sites dotted across the island that promise to offer a window through time during your holidays to Sicily. Of all the ancient attractions, it is the UNESCO World Heritage Site the Valley of the Temples which is most unmissable. Recognised as the largest archaeological site in the world and dating back as far as the 5th century BC, this is one adventure you can’t turn down.

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Were we not adventurous enough? Let us know if we’ve missed any Sicilian thrills by commenting below.



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