Top 5 reasons to visit Sicily in 2018

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Our 2018 Sicily holidays are now on sale and ready to be booked. Feel tempted by the island? Here are our top 5 reasons for visiting Sicily in 2018.

As winter closes in and the summer dissolves into nothing but nostalgia, it is often the hope afforded by a future holiday booking that helps to guide us through the dark and cold months ahead! While in reality, things may not be this bleak, it is still an exciting process when you plan and book your next holiday, and with our 2018 holiday programme recently going on sale, Sicily presents itself as a tempting proposition for 2018.

If you're intrigued by what the island has to offer, we hope to present you with some further inspiration by listing our top 5 reasons for visiting Sicily in 2018.

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5 reason to visit Sicily in 2018


The history

One of the most fascinating aspects of any holiday to Sicily is discovering the island's long and dramatic history. The island has welcomed countless cultures and peoples to its shores throughout its existence, all of which have left their mark in some form across Sicily. The stunning Greek and Roman ruins prove the primary focus for any historical exploration of the island, particularly the incredible Valley of the Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the south.

Valley of the Temples - Image credit: silky | Shutterstock


The food

Providing the perfect flavour of Sicily, the island's cuisine is arguably the most memorable and rewarding feature of any holiday here, spanning superb street food snacks and tasty desserts, to hearty meals and traditional Italian fare. Don't miss out on trying arancini - deep-fried spheres stuffed with delicious rice and meat fillings - and the delectable cannoli - a crispy pastry shell filled with creamy ricotta and various other ingredients such as chocolate and nuts.

Find out more about Sicilian food here.


The beaches

While there are many things to see and do in Sicily away from the sand, there is no denying that the island is home to some of the most inviting beaches in the Mediterranean. If you're keen to top up your tan and hop from beach to beach, Sicily's coastline is a playground for beach lovers.

Find out more about Sicily's beaches here.

Image credit: kubais | Shutterstock


The architecture

The striking architecture of Sicily can be enjoyed across all of the island's major towns and cities, from the northern reaches all the way down to the far south. One of the most memorable regions of Sicily for fans of architecture is the Val di Noto, home to incredible baroque architecture which has subsequently been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cities such as Modica, Noto and Ragusa are particularly attractive.

Find out more about the Val di Noto now.


The landscapes

If you can turn your back on the beautiful coastline and stunning towns and cities for a day or two of your Sicily holiday, you'll find plenty of beauty and attractions inland. There are some breathtaking landscapes to absorb as you head into the centre of the island, including the incredible and undeniable Mount Etna, Sicily's most famous resident.

Mount Etna in the distance - Image credit:ollirg | Shutterstock 


Find out more about the kind of holiday you can enjoy in Sicily by paying a visit to our dedicated Holiday Ideas page.

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