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We uncover five of the best kept secrets in Sicily, from Norman castles to picturesque windmills, these are the top 5 hidden treasures in Sicily.

Whether it’s fascinating archaeological sites, golden sandy beaches or mouth-watering cuisine, every holidaymaker is drawn to the island of Sicily for specific reasons. While the most iconic and popular attractions on the island are guaranteed to excite and inform, sometimes you have to break away from the primary tourist trail to achieve a comprehensive flavour of Sicily. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 hidden treasures in Sicily for you to discover during your holiday…

1. The Norman castles of Erice

Towering high in the mountainous landscapes gazing across to the coast of Trapani, the small settlement of Erice is teeming with history. You’ll find this in its most breath-taking form at the incredible Castle of Venus, perched atop a large rock on Eryx Hill and providing unbeatable vistas of the northern and southern coastlines of Sicily.

Image credit: Tristan Ferne | Creative Commons


2. The windmills of Mozia

A tiny island located off of Sicily’s west coast, history and heritage is at the forefront of Mozia’s identity. There are several archaeological sites here, primarily based around the most important Phoenician settlement in the Mediterranean. But it is the famous windmills which provide the most picturesque account of Mozia, proving the perfect photo opportunity.

Image credit: luigi nifosi | Shutterstock


3. Enna's panoramas

Perched at just under 1,000 metres in the heart of Sicily, the awe-inspiring town of Enna is a real spectacle. Whether you admire the town from afar, sandwiched between mountainous peaks, or wander the old cobbled streets and discover its many landmarks, this hidden secret is a must for any visitors to Sicily.

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4. Ceramics in Caltagirone

With entire streets, buildings, bridges and balconies adorned in ceramics, it is safe to say that Caltagirone has a colourful and charming character to be explored. The most famous site here is the Scala di Santa Maria del Monte, a 142-step stairway completely covered in ceramics. The steps are the subject of numerous festivals throughout the year, including a dedication to the town’s patron saint in late July when the steps are covered with flower pots.

Image credit: ollirg | Shutterstock


5. Modica and its Baroque architecture

While Modica may not be a classic hidden gem, many people opt for the beach or a visit to Noto or Syracuse in favour of this beautiful city. Those who choose to explore Modica however will be greatly rewarded with a long list of remarkable Baroque architectural feats including the magnificent St George Cathedral and St Peter’s Church. While there don’t forget to try the delicious chocolate for which the town is famous for.


Fancy uncovering some hidden treasures in Sicily of your own? Check out our long list of holidays to the wonderful island of Sicily.

Have we missed any of Sicily’s hidden gems? Let us know by sharing your examples below.


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