Top 10 street food dishes in Palermo and where to find them

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Palermo's street food is reputedly one of the best in the world. You’ll find stalls freshly cooking up a treat on almost every street corner, but here's our favourites...

As a crossroads of many different cultures, Sicilian cuisine has been influenced by many different peoples. The Arabs, for example, brought with them citrus fruits and methods of preserving them, spices including saffron, and sugar, which led the way to the many different sweet treats available across the island today.

This impact can of course also been found in Palermo's street food scene. From the saffron-flavoured golden balls of arancini to the freshly baked brioche stuffed with ham and mozzarella, you're sure to find something to tempt you. Some traditional dishes, however, aren’t for the faint-hearted (or vegetarians). Dare to be bold and tuck into all that is on offer and your taste buds will thank you. Here we start with the more familiar street food options, getting progressively more hardcore towards the end - the last two we've saved for the serious foodie adventurers!


Where to find the best street food in Palermo

1. Sfincione

Francu U Vastiddaru, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 102

A seriously addictive spongy type of pizza topped with tomato sauce, onions and caciocavallo cheese.


2. Arancini

Pasticceria Alba, Piazza S. Giovanni Bosco 7c
I Cuochini, Via Ruggero Settimo 68
Bar Touring, Via Lincoln 15

Deep-fried balls of saffron-scented rice, traditionally stuffed with either ham, béchamel and cheese (Arancina al burro), or tomato sauce, peas and meat (Arancina con Carne). If you’re feeling ravenous head to Bar Touring for their gigantic Arancina Bomba.

Image credit: kuvona | Shutterstock


3. Panelle

Panineria Friggitoria Chiluzzo, Piazza della Kalsa 10

Delicious square chickpea fritters popularly eaten on their own or as an accompaniment to fish or meat.


4. Crocchè (or cazzilli)

Panineria Friggitoria Chiluzzo, Piazza della Kalsa 10

Tasty fried potato croquettes made from mashed potato and egg, which is covered in breadcrumbs and fried.


5. Mafalda con panelle

Panineria Friggitoria Chiluzzo, Piazza della Kalsa 10

The local bread mafalda makes a heavenly sandwich when stuffed with panelle (and better still panelle AND crocchè).

Image credit: didegg51 | Shutterstock


6. Pezzi di Rosticceria

Bar Scatassa, Via Ammiraglio Rizzo 65
I Cuochini, Via ruggero Settimo 68

Baked or fried brioche most commonly stuffed with ham and mozzarella is popular for breakfast or a midnight snack.


7. Babaluci

Trattoria da Calogero, Via Torre di Mondello 22

Tiny snails in oil, garlic and parsley or sometimes a tomato sauce. Throw caution to the wind and suck them straight from their shells!


8. Stigghiola

Street vendors throughout the city

Enjoy the perfect combination of crunchy roast meat with melt in the mouth fat in this parsley-seasoned sheep’s (and sometimes goat) entrails skewered on a stick.

Image credit: Gandolfo Cannatella | Shutterstock


9. Pane con la Milza (Pani ca Meusa)

Rocky Basile, Mercato Vucciria (mornings and lunchtime only)
Pani Ca' Meusa Porta Carbone, Via Cala 62

A sumptuous sandwich stuffed with the spleen, lung and trachea of veal. A Palermo speciality not found anywhere else, so be sure to try it while you're in town!


10. Frittola (Frittula)

Street vendors throughout the city

Scooped from a steaming wicker basket covered in a cloth, this mysterious mix is chopped up, sprinkled in pepper and drenched in lemon juice before being devoured for breakfast by the locals. It's the scraps that are left from a calf carcass, boiled extensively and then fried on the spot and surprisingly delicious. No really!


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