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Love to spend time soaking up the sun and listening to the ripple of the waves?

You’ll be quick to discover that a holiday in Sicily is blessed by some truly beautiful areas of coastline. With many different, yet all stunning beaches to discover, we’ve collected our top 10 beaches across the island, in case you were having some difficulty in choosing where you’d like to lay your towel…



Located close to Palermo, Sicily’s enchanting capital, you’ll find a sweeping bay of soft pale sand that slopes gently into a turquoise sea. Mondello Beach is ideal for families, and keen swimmers.

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Fontane Bianche

Tucked away in the south east of the island, Fontane Bianche is named after the freshwater springs nearby, and offers another stretch of alluring white sand for beach goers. It does get busy, but for good reason. The clear water is particularly tempting and there’s lots of facilities close by.

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Vendicari nature reserve in the south east of Sicily is where you’ll find this coastal gem. There are, in fact lots of little lagoons and sandy beaches which are much quieter than some of the resorts close by, and the area is also home to some beautiful flora and fauna. You don’t have to simply visit for the sand – spot flamingos, lizards and all manner of different birds – depending on when you choose to visit.

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San Vito Lo Capo

A beach which offers superb 360 degree views – San Vito Lo Capo is a long stretch of white sand, lapped by crystal waters and backed by magnificent mountains. Located in the north west of Sicily, this beach is well worth a visit if you’re in the area.

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Isola Bella

Literally meaning ‘beautiful island’ Isola Bella may not be a long expanse of sand, it is, however it is one of the most famous areas of coastline on the island. Located just off Taormina in the east of the island, this little rocky outcrop is in fact a tiny nature reserve! It’s connected to the mainland by a strip of pebbles and sand, so you can enjoy the scenery and sunbathe at the same time.



A sandy beach which stretches along the front of the town, Cefalù offer its visitors some beautiful sunsets, along with an age-old charm in the form of its many historic buildings.

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Isola delle Femmine

Located just west of Palermo, Isola delle Femmine Beach is named after the nature reserve island which sits just ahead of it. With warm shallow waters and the view of the island and its 16th century watchtower just 500m away, it’s a beautiful prospect.

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Aci Trezza

The perfect place to hire a pedalo and explore the water, there’s lots of rocky outcrops to navigate your way around and see what fish have made the rocks their home.  

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Framed by golden sand dunes and the ruin of an old tile factory, Sampieri beach offers a more rustic, yet still very beautiful beach setting. The sunsets here are worth hanging around for, and there’s a traditional biscuit maker close by, along with a pizzeria should you fancy a snack.

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San Lorenzo Beach, Marzamemi

Located close to Noto in the south east of Sicily, the colour of the sea here is reminiscent of the Caribbean, and being shallow, it’s ideal for holidaying families. The fine white sand is tempting for all keen sunbathers, and there’s good facilities there for when you want something to eat or drink.

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