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Because who doesn't love dessert?

Everyone has their favourite type of food, and here at Sicilian Places, ours just happens to be, unsurprisingly, Sicilian. In the hope that either you already love Italian desserts, or that this post can convert you, here are some wonderful recipes where you can bring a true Sicilian sweet dining experience to your very own home, starting with traditional Sicilian Cannoli...


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A sweet treat which is pastry based, cannoli are tube shaped fried pastry shells filled with a ricotta based creamy filling. Candied fruit is a traditional addition to the filling; however chocolate chips, glacé cherries or pretty much anything you fancy can be added to make this Sicilian dessert to your own taste.

A recipe can be found here.


Genovesi Ericine  

Another sweet pastry dessert, but this time filled with a rich lemon cream and topped with icing sugar, these are a popular choice in the western town of Erice, just north of Trapani. It’s a fairly simple recipe to make these zesty round pastries, so it’s a great one to try if you’re fairly new to baking or are looking to whizz up something tasty, quickly.

A recipe can be found here.



Skopp, Wikimedia Commons 

Biancomangiare, or ‘almond milk pudding’ is a Sicilian dessert which dates back as far as medieval times, where it was described as ‘white food’ and had a more savoury taste. Today, subtle orange or vanilla flavours can be added to make the dish sweeter, and what you’re left with is a rather elegant looking dessert.

A recipe can be found here.


Sicilian Cassata 

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Originally from Palermo, Sicily’s capital, Cassata is a beautifully rich and colourful cake, decorated with lashings of candied fruit. Traditionally baked for festive occasions such as Easter, Cassata is a circular sponge cake, with sheep’s milk ricotta cream and marzipan, all underneath an elaborate decoration (using the candied fruit). This dessert is quite a tricky one to make, but certainly worth the effort if you’re an avid baker.

A recipe can be found here.


Torta Setteveli 

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Another tasty recipe which originates from Palermo, Torta Setteveli, or ‘Seven Veiles Cake’ is perfect for any chocoholics reading this! Named after the dance – the seven veils - it’s traditionally baked for special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas. A cake which is made up of seven delicious chocolate and hazelnut layers, each layer is rich and creamy, but light enough that you’re always left wanting more. There are quite a lot of elements to make up this Sicilian dessert, but it’s definitely worth it.

A recipe can be found here.


Have you tried any of these Sicilian treats, or have another which is a favourite of yours? We’d love to hear about it, so please comment below.

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