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Be it a beautiful town, a chocolate shop or a memorable restaurant, we share our favourite places on the island of Sicily.

Everyone I know that has ever visited Sicily agrees, it is a wonderful island. However, it is also a deceptively large island and it would be impossible to visit all of Sicily’s highlights in one relatively short holiday. To help you decide what part of the island to visit if you’ve never been before, or if you are a regular visitor but you are looking for somewhere new to discover, here are a few of our favourite places, some you will have heard of but some you might not know.


Noto, South East Sicily

“Wandering around Noto was so chilled and peaceful. The buildings (mostly creams and pale yellows), seemed to glow in the late afternoon sun and were so beautiful I couldn’t stop gazing up at them.

Image credit: Dalibor Kastratovic | Shutterstock

Beautiful old libraries, cathedrals, grand private residences, they all seemed to have a story to tell. Add to that lush green palm trees, tasty cafés and ice cream shops, and charming locals who are extremely welcoming, and you’ve got the perfect town!”
Kerry, Sales Consultant

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Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, Modica, South East Sicily

“One of my favourite places in Sicily is Modica. Not only does it have some wonderful examples of baroque architecture, including the churches of San Pietro and San Giorgio, it also has a very special shop that I particularly love.

Above, image credit: Luigi Nifosi | Shutterstock

Modica is famous for its chocolate, and Antica Dolceria Bonajuto on Corso Umberto I is the oldest chocolate manufacturer in the town dating back to 1880. Their chocolate is divine and they make some exquisite cannoli here too. Their staff are very friendly and are more than happy for you to taste plenty of samples of their chocolate and, if you are lucky, freshly baked cannoli. They certainly know the way to this girl’s heart!”
Kathryn, Content and Social Media Executive

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Palermo, Northern Sicily

“My favourite place on the island has to be Palermo. It’s wonderful to explore on foot. Highlights include Via Roma, a very important commercial street from Mussolini times, the baroque church of San Domenico, the Museo Nationale and the Opera House - the 3rd largest in Europe and the largest in Italy. And, be sure to stop and admire the architecture of St Joseph’s Church which stands on the famous four corners crossroads.

Image credit: Boris Stroujko | Shutterstock

Palermo is also great for food and nightlife. Piazza Olivella is a buzz each evening with restaurants, bars and cafés spilling out onto the street. And, you must make sure you try the city’s famous street food stalls – don’t miss the arancini rice balls.

There are many walking tours in Palermo, both guided or self-guided. The staff at the tourist office are very helpful and will point you in the right direction.”
Joanne, Sicily Product Executive

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Taormina, North East Sicily

“Taormina is such a fun town – it’s so high up on the hill you have fantastic views down to the sea, across to Mount Etna, and views up towards even higher mountain towns. 

Above, image credit: mRGB | Shutterstock

The tiny streets are packed with cafés, bars, restaurants, shops selling a huge variety of things, and ice cream stalls with every flavor you can imagine! Squares with street musicians playing tourist favourites, churches – it has everything. It’s authentic, fun, and of course pretty much always bathed in glorious sunshine.”
Kerry, Sales Consultant

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Siracusa, South East Sicily

“The old town of Siracusa is a feast to the eye for anyone interested in the Greek and Roman foundations of the island, giving you the chance to visit both a Greek Theatre and a Roman Amphitheatre.

The cathedral of Ortigia, is the key to understanding the history of the island and more specifically of the Val di Noto. While marvelling at this special building, you can see that beyond its baroque façade (rebuilt in the eighteenth century after a terrible earthquake), the ancient pillars of the original Greek temple dedicated to Athena in the 5th century BC still stand. The cornice above these ancient columns is testimony to when the church was turned into a mosque by the conquering Arabs, the Normans raised the height of the roof and added the side chapels, the Spanish added the ceiling made of chestnut wood from Mt Etna. Layers of history are visible here, even to the inattentive eye, and you can learn about Sicilian history without even opening up a guide book.”
Daniela, former Sicily representative

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Sciacca, Western Sicily

When I am in the Agrigento area I always try to visit Sciacca, with its contrasting and colourful buildings. I love the port in the morning when the fishermen unload the night’s catch from the boats, and always follow this with a Sicilian breakfast ‘granita siciliana’ in one of the local bars – Bar Roma is probably one of the most famous. If you’ve not been before I’d also suggest visiting the ‘Museo del Giocattolo’, which has a wonderful collection of modern and historic toys.

Image Credit: Rolf E. Staerk | Shutterstock

If you happen to be in Sciacca in early spring, you are in for a real treat –  one of the biggest Carnival festivals in all of Sicily.
Tiziano, former Sicily Product Manager

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Agostiniana Hotel and Restaurant, Forza d’Agro’, North East Sicily

“One of my favourite restaurants in Sicily is in the Agostiniana Hotel, where you can have a ‘set fish menu’ (menu’ di pesce) which is very reasonably priced when you consider the quality and quantity of the food and drink. For example, this might include an aperitif with some salted snacks, at least three starters, four different pasta dishes and at least two main courses. All this is accompanied by white wine and water. The meal ends with fruit and desserts accompanied by sparkling sweet or dry wine.

The setting is in a luxurious dining room that has a magical atmosphere in the evenings thanks to the lights of the beautiful lamps. A large terrace next to the dining room has wonderful views in the day.

Image Credit: BB Photography | Shutterstock

What’s more, this beautiful place is located in Forza d’Agro’, a really small village built in the hills, close to Taormina, with stunning views across the surrounding landscape to the sea.”
Lucia, former Italian intern

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Ritrovo Portella, Portella di Castanea, North East Sicily

“Also in the province of Messina, located in Portella di Castanea in the San Rizzo hills, is another of my favourite restaurants on the island, Ritrovo Portella.

This restaurant, or rather pitoneria or pidoneria, is completely different from the first one I mentioned but I love them both for different reasons. Here you can eat a traditional Sicilian pitoni or pidoni. It is a type of fried folded pizza which may be salted or sweet and you won’t find it anywhere else in Italy!

Ritrovo Portella specialise in cooking this dish which takes great skill. I’d highly recommend the traditional salted version, Alla messinese, which is filled with Scarola lettuce, cheese, anchovies and sometimes tomatoes, or the more general Sicilian kind, Alla Norma, which is filled with aubergines, tomatoes and salted ricotta, but there is a huge range on offer in addition to these two.”
Lucia, former Italian intern

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Do you have a favourite place in Sicily, be it a restaurant, village, or beauty spot? We’d love to hear about it!


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