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August is one of the most popular times to embark on a Sicily holiday. In this blog post we discuss why.

When the summer breaks begin in the UK, the Mediterranean becomes a hub of holiday activity, with many flocking to Europe's finest coastlines for a flavour of an idyllic beach holiday. Fine weather conditions and exciting events tend to punctuate the month of August, making it one of the most preferred periods for a summer escape.

Sicily is no different from the rest in this respect, attracting a large tourist crowd during this period. The island's size and diversity, however, ensures that visitors to Sicily in August won't always find themselves rubbing shoulders with fellow holidaymakers. To give you a flavour of what to expect from a Sicily holiday in August, we've considered some of our favourite factors behind a holiday to the island at this time of year.


The weather

Worshippers of the sun would do well to book a holiday to Sicily in August; along with July, this is the hottest month on the island, experiencing consistent temperatures in the low-30s. While some may find the heat slightly oppressive, the weather is ideal for soaking in the pool or taking a dip in the sea, as well as topping up that holiday tan.

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The beaches

Sicily is home to some of the finest beaches in the whole of Europe. From long strips of white sand and secret coves, to blissful bays and idyllic offshore islands; Sicily is ideal for a beach holiday. In August, the beaches are at their most picturesque and sun-blessed best. While this may attract crowds, you'll still be able to find some quieter spots to relax on given the huge range of beaches on the island. Find out more about the beaches of Sicily via our Beaches category on the blog.

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If you can handle the hot weather (make sure you wear lots of sunscreen and a sun hat), August is a great time to explore the island's incredible range of historical landmarks. While many tourists are soaking up the sun on the beach or lazing beside the pool, get out on a journey through history by visiting some of Sicily's Ancient Greek sites, such as the Greek Temple of Selinunte pictured below. The ancient landmarks look even more impressive with a blue sky backdrop.

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Get out of the sun

If the heat is a little too draining, especially if you're staying in or near a big city, get inside and soak up some of the island's attractions found under a roof. Palermo is a great place to spend some time inside, given the fantastic range of air-conditioned museums and art galleries, such as the Archaeological Museum, the Museo Diocesano and the Museum of Geology and Paleontology. Also, don't forget to take a peak inside Palermo's cathedral; the interior decoration is stunning.

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Tempted by the prospect of a holiday to Sicily in August? Take a look at our range of accommodation and start plotting your Sicilian escape now!


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