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We head to the North of Sicily in this addition of Favourite Beaches, exploring the stunning coastline and picking our favourite beaches in the North.

The stunning coastline of Sicily wraps around the entire perimeter of the island, boasting golden strips of sand and beautiful bays in the north, south, east and west and ensuring fantastic sun-filled beach holidays. The blissful beach settings continue to flourish in the north of Sicily, from atmospheric town beaches to idyllic offshore island escapes – these are our favourite beaches in the north of Sicily.


1. Cefalu Beach, Cefalu

Sand | Plenty of facilities

Famed for its colourful fishing boats, beautiful sunsets and fascinating historic town, you’ll find far more than the sun, sand and sea to keep you mesmerised during your time in Cefalu. The beach itself is a charming strip of sand sat beside historic buildings and surrounded by a backdrop of verdant cliffs and hillsides. You’ll struggle to find a more picturesque beach in Sicily, especially as the town gleams in gold while the sun dips below the neighbouring hills.

Image credit: Anna Lurye | Shutterstock


2. Mondello, Palermo

Sand | Good facilities

Extending for over a kilometre, Mondello beach is a sandy strip of perfection in easy reach of Sicily’s vibrant capital Palermo. The facilities at the beach are good, with bathing stations ensuring you can freshen up after your dip before heading to see the sights of Palermo. That’s if you can drag yourself away from the soft pale sand of Mondello however, with the sloping beach practically carrying you into the turquoise waters as Mount Gallo towers proudly behind you.

Image credit: Gandolfo Cannatella | Shutterstock


3. Punta Spalmatore, Ustica

Rocky | Accessible only by foot

Located on the tiny island of Ustica, easily reachable from Palermo by ferry, you’ll find the gorgeous rocky outcrop of Punta Spalmatore. While the beach may not boast the sand and facilities of other settings in the north of Sicily, it is the water which will grab your attention here. The ocean sparkles in hundreds of shades of blue and green, inviting both swimmers and snorkelers to dive in and soak up the warmth of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Image credit: Luca Volpi | Creative Commons


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