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Enjoy a short break to one of Sicily's most alluring and rewarding destinations, the stunning and charming town of Taormina.

Many holiday-makers will head to Sicily during the summer to embark on a long holiday spent beside the coast or hopping from one historical city to another, exploring the island's heritage. For others however, Sicily serves as a fantastic destination for a short break, with its alluring cities and towns being ideal bases for exploring some of the highlights of the island. 

Taormina certainly falls into that category. As well as being one of Sicily's most popular destinations, attributed to its impressive landmarks, historical sites and easy access to the beach, the town's location is also ideal for heading on day trips to other intriguing destinations and locations across the island.

To help you plan your perfect short break in Taormina, we've decided to give some tips on the sort of things you can get up to during a stay in the town, as well as some of the best accommodation options to consider...


Things to do in Taormina


Admire Duomo Square


Soak up the beauty of Isola Bella


Embrace the café culture in the town


Explore the coastline surrounding Taormina


Visit Taormina's Greek Theatre

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Hike in the Etna National Park

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Where to stay in Taormina


The Ashbee

Offering an unforgettable dose of 5* luxury to indulge in during your short break to Sicily, The Ashbee is set in an impeccable colonial style house, enjoying stunning gardens and wonderful views across the coastline.

Find out more about The Ashbee here.


Is Taormina tempting you? Why not take a look at our full range of accommodation in and around Taormina to get some more inspiration and ideas regarding a holiday to this corner of Sicily?


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