5 things to do in Southern Sicily

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Southern Sicily is a relatively undiscovered region of the island, so we've put together five great reasons to head south during your holiday to Sicily.

The region of Southern Sicily is amongst the least visited on the island, but we're not entirely sure why! The region is stunning, full of inviting beaches and coastline, world-famous historical sites and plenty of charming and cultural towns and villages to explore. There is also some great accommodation to base yourself in during a holiday in Southern Sicily, including luxurious five-star resorts and hotels enjoying immense views of history.

If you still feel yourself more drawn to the likes of Palermo, Taormina or the Val di Noto for your Sicily holiday, maybe we can turn your head further with this list of some of the best things to do in the south? From delving into ancient history to indulging in a luxury resort, these are our favourite 5 things to do in Southern Sicily.


1. Explore the Valley of the Temples

One of seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the island of Sicily, the Valley of the Temples is the world's largest archaeological site and provides a fascinating insight into the island's past. The site's seven Doric temples are the core attractions, with the Temple of Concordia a particularly memorable structure.

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2. Marvel at the Villa Romana del Casale​ mosaics

Built in the early 4th century and today discovered amongst Sicily's range of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Villa Romana del Casale is home to one of the world's largest collections of Roman mosaics. 

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3. Enjoy the sea air in Sciacca

Sciacca is a charming and historic spa town which sits on the western edge of Sicily's south coast. Beyond its colourful and picturesque cityscape and architectural features, you'll also have the opportunity to enjoy some delicious fresh seafood here, as well as a massage or beauty treatment. 

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4. Treat yourself to a spot of luxury and plenty of activities at Verdura Resort

Located just outside Sciacca, Verdura Resort is a stunning and stylish complex that offers everything from sporting activities and pampered wellness treatments, to three golf courses and four fantastic restaurants. You'll never find yourself without some action and adventure to enjoy during a stay here.

Find out more about a stay at Verdura Resort.


5. Chill at the Turkish Steps

The Turkish Steps, known locally as Scala dei Turchi, comprises a collection of sandy beaches that sit around a striking rocky cliff, famed for its eye-catching white colour. Many flock here to sunbathe and relax on the horseshoes of sand, while the cliff itself forms a natural terrace that can also be lazed upon.

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Southern Sicily is one of the many distinct and alluring regions on the island of Sicily. Find out more about the other regions of Sicily to get an idea of what kind of holidays you can enjoy on the island. 


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