5 dishes to try in Sicily this summer

Posted on Mar 18, 2016 by Alastair McClymont

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Heading on a holiday to Sicily this summer and hoping to satisfy your belly? Check out our list of 5 dishes to try in Sicily this summer during your trip.

There are many rewards and benefits from holidaying on the island of Sicily, from encountering ancient ruins and intriguing cities to exploring beautiful mountain landscapes and long sandy beaches. One ingredient of all holidays to Sicily that perfectly demonstrates the most comprehensive flavour of the island is the food.

There are numerous dishes that holidaymakers should aim to sample during their island break, from light bites and main courses to desserts and street food. We've put together a list of 5 of our favourite Sicilian dishes, and we think that placing a tick next to each entry during your Sicily holiday is a very achievable goal!


1. Cannoli

Cannoli is one of the most iconic sweet Sicilian snacks, a common sight in any bakery in Sicily and highly likely to become one of your favourite treats during your holiday on the island. This tube-shaped pastry consists of a crispy shell and a light and creamy ricotta filling which is often dotted with candied fruit and chocolate beads.

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2. Pasta con le sarde

A traditional Sicilian main course, pasta con le sarde can be easily translated to 'pasta with sardines'. The fresh seafood available across the island of Sicily is perfect when combined with some equally fresh pasta. This dish is among the most iconic, often featuring added ingredients such as fennel, saffron, pine nuts, raisons, tomatoes, onion and toasted breadcrumbs.

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3. Arancini

A classic Sicilian snack, most prominent in the city of Palermo and around Trapani, arancini is quickly spreading across the rest of Italy and becoming a national snack of choice for those looking for a quick and filling bite to eat. Arancini are stuffed and fried rice balls coasted in breadcrumbs and often filled with the likes of meat and tomato sauce, mozzarella and peas. They can be presented in a cone shape (as pictured below) or as round balls.

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4. Stigghiola

A true Sicilian food speciality, typically found across numerous street food stands in the island's capital city, Palermo, Stigghiola is as rustic and rural a dish as they come. The dish consists of animal intestines, most commonly lamb, which are washed with salt water before being seasoned with parsley, onion and other herbs. The meat is then twisted around a skewer before being cooked on a grill.

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5. Cassata

Originating from the city of Palermo, this traditional, round sponge cake is moistened with fruit juices or liqueurs, layered with ricotta cheese and a chocolate or vanilla cream filling. The result is then coated in a marzipan shell, pink and green icing and then topped with decorative designs, often made with the use of candied fruit. 

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Yet to book your holiday to Sicily but can't resist the tempting flavours of the island? Take a look at our list of accommodation for some ideas of which areas of the island to stay on.


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