5 beaches to visit in Sicily this summer

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Flocking to the beautiful island of Sicily for some beach action. Check out our guide to the top 5 beaches to visit in Sicily this summer.

Those hoping to head to Sicily this summer will be in for a treat when it comes to exploring the coastline of this gorgeous Mediterranean island. Packing your swimming gear and sun cream will be a wise move, with the island boasting a range of superb beaches that are ready and waiting to serve as your idyllic base for a day or two of your Sicily holiday.

When it comes to enjoying beach holidays in Sicily, choosing the most rewarding destination can be a challenge. Given the great range of wonderful coastal locations, you'll find yourself inundated with options. With that in mind, we have picked five of our favourite beaches in Sicily to help you narrow down and discover your perfect and serene spot of coastal beauty. Enjoy!


1. Isola Bella

Isola Bella is a tiny island near Taormina located in a small and idyllic bay which is home to a stunning rocky beach. The island itself has been turned into a nature reserve and is reached by a narrow path that connects to the mainland. The beach here provides some fantastic views of the little island and is one of the most popular sunbathing spots in Sicily.

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2. San Vito Lo Capo

Blessed by three kilometres of gorgeous sandy perfection, the beach scenes in and around the small town of San Vito Lo Capo are among the finest on the island of Sicily. Flanking mountainous landscapes and breath-taking clear, blue water define the natural prowess of this setting, a hugely popular one for beach bums.

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3. Fontane Bianche

Located just a 20-minute drive from the fascinating and historical city of Syracuse, Fontane Bianche and its beach are vibrant and popular spots for beach bums to visit during their Sicily holiday. The beach here is found along a beautiful 3km stretch of coastline, defined by fine white sand, warm water and a gently sloping seabed.

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4. Cefalu Beach

Presenting one of the most picturesque beach scenes in Sicily, defined by bobbing colourful fishing boats, stunning sunsets and the backdrop of a fascinating historical town, Cefalu is a must-see for all beach fans. Whether you choose to sunbathe during the day or take the odd dip, ensure you catch the evening sunset as the whole of Cefalu turns a pretty shade of gold.

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5. Scala dei Turchi

A selection of sandy beaches sit around the incredible rocky cliff of Scala dei Turchi, famed for its unusual white colour, and a popular tourist attraction on the island. While many will flock to the mini horseshoes of sand at the foot of the cliffs, the cliff can also form as a natural terrace from which to sunbathe on.

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You've identified your beaches, now it's time to decide where exactly you want to stay. Check out our great range of accommodation located across the island, all waiting to make your holiday to Sicily extra special.


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