15 photos that will make you want to visit Sicily

Updated on Mar 29, 2018 by Alastair McClymont

Blog > 15 photos that will make you want to visit Sicily

A collection of photography from across the Italian island, guaranteed to make you want to visit Sicily on your holidays.

Sicily is an incredibly photogenic island. Whether it is a grand architectural triumph, the beautiful stretch of a stunning coastline or the smouldering peak of an imposing volcano, the entire island seems to be in one continuous pose for the camera!

Often it is inspiring photography that can act as the bridge between those considering a holiday to Sicily to those booking the flight. We hope that this collection of some of our favourite photography from the island will inspire you to visit Sicily one day.


1. Sunrise over the harbour of Palermo

Image credit: Bargotiphotography | Shutterstock


2. The Greek Theatre in Taormina with Mount Etna in the background

Image credit: Circumnavigation | Shutterstock


3. The sprawling coastline from Taormina

Image credit: Anna Lurye | Shutterstock


4. Houses along the shoreline in charming Cefalu

Image credit: Marzolino | Shutterstock


5. Snow-capped Mount Etna looms above the countryside of Sicily

Image credit: ollirg | Shutterstock


6. The rocky island of Isola Bella in Taormina

Image credit: Nikiforov Alexander | Shutterstock


7. Catania's Piazza del Duomo by night

Image credit: Boerescu | Shutterstock


8. The enchanting, narrow streets of historical Syracuse

Image credit: Anna Lurye | Shutterstock


9. Piazza Municipio in Noto with the grand cathedral taking centre stage 

Image credit: Dalibor Kastratovic | Shutterstock


10. A night view across the rooftops of Modica

Image credit: antonino gitto | Shutterstock


11. The incredible Valley of the Temples

Image credit: silky | Shutterstock


12. The windmills of Mozia

Image credit: luigi nifosi | Shutterstock


13. The beautiful Zingaro Nature Reserve

Image credit: Marcin Krzyzak | Shutterstock


14. The breath-taking coastline around San Vito Lo Capo

Image credit: francesco de marco | Shutterstock


15. Linguine allo Scoglio - one of many delicious Sicilian dishes

Image credit: Franco Volpato | Shutterstock


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