10 unique features of a stay at Verdura Resort

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We've compiled a list of some of our favourite features of Verdura Resort, all unique to the hotel and guaranteed to make any trip to Sicily memorable.

Verdura Resort, a Rocco Forte Hotel, located in Sciacca in the south of Sicily, is a mesmerising hotel showcasing affluence, style and luxury to each and every guest that is fortunate enough to lay their head here during their Sicily holiday. Top-class facilities and a stunning location form the obvious attraction of a stay at Verdura Resort, promising an experience of indulgence, relaxation and entertainment.

Beyond the obvious incentives of booking a stay at Verdura Resort for your holiday to Sicily, there are several other perks, benefits and highlights that may go under the radar when holidaymakers are searching for a place to stay on the island. We’ve put together a list of 10 of our favourite unique features at Verdura Resort, guaranteed to have you planning your future stay at this superb hotel. 


1. The hotel's home produce

The Sicilian authenticity of Verdura Resort is rife within its food and drink, in fact, even the produce of the local area creeps into the culinary offerings of the hotel. The surrounding land is extremely fertile and ideal for agriculture, and Verdura Resort have taken advantage of this ecological benefit, producing their very own marmalade and olive oil for guests to enjoy. They even use their home produce in their spa treatments!

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2. The freshness of the daily catch

Given its location beside the ocean, there’s no surprise that seafood features heavily within the cuisine on offer at Verdura Resort. What may come as a surprise, however, is the freshness of the seafood that will adorn your plate. The fish served in the hotel’s restaurants is the daily catch from the nearby town of Sciacca. The hotel's breakfast buffet isn't bad either - and just as fresh!


3. The choice of dining

There are four restaurants at Verdura Resort offering a range of dining options and culinary experiences. Three of the restaurants are open year-round; Zagara, Liola and Buon Giorno, while Amare, the resort’s beach restaurant, is open from June to September. For an example of what to expect, a visit to Liola will deliver Mediterranean cuisine with a traditional Sicilian flavour, while Amare is renowned for its fine seafood.


4. The sea view

Whichever room you opt for at the hotel, you’ll enjoy a beautiful view of the ocean from your windows, balconies or terraces. In addition to this, the balconies and terraces are staggered, offering maximum privacy to guests hoping to enjoy the sea view alone.


5. Your own private coastline

Have you ever dreamt of enjoying your very own private stretch of beach? A stay at Verdura Resort will make this dream a reality (only until the end of your stay unfortunately). The coastline surrounding the resort is private, reserved solely for guests staying at Verdura Resort. 


6. They understand your special occasions

Are you and your loved one on holiday to Sicily to celebrate an anniversary, is one of your guests celebrating a birthday, or are you secretly getting ready to pop the question? Verdura Resort understands that for many guests their visit may coincide with a special occasion. The hotel can arrange a private dinner on the beach for those with a reason to celebrate – a breath-taking way to enjoy a big date and a big plate of Sicilian food.


7. The size of the spa

One of the true highlights of a stay at Verdura Resort is the opportunity to indulge in the offerings of the resort’s spa. The spa is a whopping 4,000 metres square, including five different wellness packages tailored to your stay, and including meals and drinks. In addition to this, the spa also offers a special children’s treatment list, so the entire family can enjoy the supreme service of the resort’s spa.


8. The concierge service

Make the most of the hotel's concierge service to experience some rewarding and memorable days out exploring some of the nearby attractions. Make sure one of these is the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento; the world's largest archaeological site.

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9. The perfect spot for the sunset

The sunsets in Sicily are truly sensational and there’s no better setting from which to enjoy them than the hotel’s Gravita Bar or Liola restaurant. Grab a pre-dinner aperitif at Gravita Bar as the sun sinks below the horizon, or enjoy the sunset over a fresh seafood meal at Liola.


10. The championship golf courses

For lovers of golf, a stay at Verdura Resort is unquestionable. The resort is home to two 18-hole championships golf courses, one 9-hole course, practice and putting areas, and a junior golf academy. The sport doesn’t end with golf; the hotel also boasts a tennis academy with six clay floodlit courts.


Intrigued by the prospect of a stay at Verdura Resort? Here are some of the other memorable things to do in Southern Sicily, all in easy reach of the hotel.

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