10 things to see and do in Val di Noto and the South East

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Are you going to be staying in the South East of the island during your holiday to Sicily. Here's 10 of the top things to do here during your holiday.

There are countless things to see and do in the South East of Sicily, whether you are staying amid the history and culture of one of the Val di Noto's towns and cities, or locating yourself near the coastline to make the most of an inviting range of beaches. 

This region of Sicily is best explored by car, and you'll find that most major attractions are within easy reach of each other if you hire your own set of wheels. Culture, history and food are among the primary themes of a holiday to Sicily, and you'll find no better place to embrace these interests than in Val di Noto. With this in mind, we've put together a list of 10 of the best things to see and do in this region of Sicily during your holiday.


1. Eat chocolate in Modica

The city of Modica is famous for its chocolate production, and missing out on trying some of this delicious chocolatey goodness during your visit here would be a real shame. One of the most famous chocolate shops in Modica is Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, the oldest chocolate manufacturer in town.


2. Admire Noto's architecture

Noto's Historic Centre is a portfolio of beautiful architectural triumphs and is among the most picturesque city settings in Sicily. The centrepiece of Noto's splendour is the St.Nicholas Cathedral, beautifully constructed in the Sicilian Baroque style and towering over the rest of the square.

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3. Check out the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Ispica

The beautiful frescoes by Olivio Sozzi are the prized asset of this stunning church, painted across the ceiling of this wonderfully-decorated building. There are 26 frescoes within the church, dating back as far as 1763.


4. Grab an ice cream in Ragusa's Piazza Duomo

Gelato is one of the most delicious gifts ever presented to holidaymakers by Italy, and you'll find one of the best gelato places in Sicily at Gelati Divini in Ragusa's Piazza Duomo - the perfect way to cool down in the heat of the summer.


5. Tuck into some seafood

The seafood across Sicily is absolutely delicious, and Val di Noto's proximity to the coast ensures that the freshest fruits of the sea populate the markets and menus of the villages, towns and cities of this region. Sample a seafood pasta dish such as pasta con le sarde for the tastiest impression of Sicilian seafood.


6. Marvel at the Church of San Pietro in Modica

While it may not match the grandeur of the Church of San Giorgio a little further up the hill in Modica, the Church of San Pietro offers an incredible view across the rooftops and opposite hillside. The exterior of the church is impressive too, flanked by statues of the apostles.


7. Gaze across the rooftops of old Modica

Something you can easily do from the steps of the Church of San Pietro, the undulating hillsides of Modica deliver some breathtaking views across the city and its houses and landmarks. The colours at sunset and dusk bring out the finest vistas to capture on your camera.

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8. Try some arancini

There are several delicious Sicilian street food snacks to enjoy across the island, but for many the ultimate favourite is arancini. Typically, these golden balls are filled with creamy risotto rice, cheese, peas and meats before being deep-fried until crisp. They come in various other shapes and sizes however, as well as differing fillings.


9. Admire the houses of the old town of Syracuse

Syracuse is a beautiful little place to stroll around, especially on the historical island of Ortigia. The narrow, winding and historical streets are extremely rewarding to wander on foot, allowing you to encounter charming houses and striking architecture.

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10. Stay in an apartment amid history

At Sicilian Places we have a number of city and town apartments among our accommodation collection, most of which boast superb locations in the heart of a historical location. There's no better way to feel attached to the culture and history of Sicily than waking up and peering across the rooftops of one of its most affluent and historical destinations.


Fancy learning more about Sicily and the kind of the holidays you can enjoy on the island? Take a look at our Holiday Ideas page for some extra inspiration.


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