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Remove the stress of packing for your holiday to Sicily by making the most of our 10 top packing tips.

Is packing for a holiday something you always dread? The stress of deciding what to take and what to leave at home can often make the lead up to a sunny escape the most unpleasant part of the holiday preparation. With limits on the amount of baggage you can take, being strategic with your packing list and technique is essential. 

We've put together a list of tips which we hope will make your packing experience easier, more streamlined and more convenient for when you arrive at your holiday accommodation in Sicily. Good luck!


1. Roll your clothes

If you're one of those people who always runs out of space in their suitcase on account of the amount of clothes they pack, there is an easy way to make some space. Rather than folding your clothes into your suitcase, roll them up. This will create more space and also help to reduce the amount of creases your clothes will pick up during transit.

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2. Take mini travel shampoos & conditioners

And any other cosmetic and bath products for that matter! Not only will this save you space and weight, but you can reuse these mini containers over and over again for future holidays. Boots is one of the best places to find these travel-sized containers, so go and pick up a selection and leave those 500ml shampoo bottles at home.

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3. Pack your shoes wisely

If you're packing shoes, make sure they are placed at the bottom of your suitcase or bag, as this will help balance your luggage as you cart it around the airport or along your hotel corridor. You can also fill your shoes with other things you plan to take away with you. Whether it is underwear, socks, phone chargers or snacks, it is essential to make the most of all the available space in your luggage.

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4. Use binder clips to protect your razors

Not only will this prevent any painful accidents when you shove your hand into your bath bag, it will also protect the razor itself when your luggage is being carted around. Broken razors aren't a good way to start a holiday, especially if you're going to be spending a lot of time by the pool in your swimming gear...

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5. Invest in a luggage scale

A lot of holidaymakers will often find themselves in the embarrassing and expensive situation of going over their luggage allowance, causing the hassle of repacking in the airport and the inevitable supplementary fees which come with excess weight. An easy way to avoid this issue at the airport is to weigh your luggage at home. Invest in a handheld luggage scale and weigh your bag or bags when they are fully packed; that way you'll know whether or not you need to leave that extra pair of shoes at home.

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6. Put a shower cap on your shoes

One thing which puts people off packing their shoes with the rest of their luggage is the possibility of dirty marks appearing on their clothes. Shoes are often a leading culprit, but there is an easy way to avoid these frustrations. Find a shower cap and secure it around your shoes. You can then pack your shoes happy in the knowledge that you have shower power on your side to stop any muck finding its way onto your favourite holiday t shirt.

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7. Place a belt in your shirt collar

If you're carting some smart clothes across to Sicily for a special occasion, one of the big risks of packing them in the hold is that of creases! It is always a nightmare trying to iron out those big creases left in shirt collars, but there is a simple preventative to ensure you never have to experience this peril again. Simply slide a belt beneath the collar to ensure it retains its shape throughout transit. Roll the rest of the shirt to make extra space and reduce further creasing.

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8. Place cords and chargers in a glasses case

Fed up of getting all your chargers and cords tangled and mixed up in your luggage? One of the best ways to keep your cables in order and to avoid them getting damaged is to store and transport them in a glasses or sunglasses case. Keep individual cables separated by securing them with different coloured cable ties.

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9. Take a portable charger

Another issues brought about by pesky chargers, there'll no doubt be a time during your holiday that you find yourself somewhere with plugs and electricity to keep your electrical items charged. This can be especially daunting if you're somewhere unfamiliar and you lose mobile phone power. You can make this worry a thing of the past however, by simply investing in a portable charger. They're a godsend on long journeys too. 

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10. Wear jewellery on the flight

Another incident of tangling and misplacing, jewellery can be a real fiddle to transport from place to place, especially if you leave it in your hold luggage to be rattled about. Tangling necklaces and lost earrings can be avoided though, by simple wearing all your jewellery on the plane. You may set the security detectors blaring, but you'll do so safe in the knowledge that your favourite necklaces are safe from danger.

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Now you're ready to pack without any dramas, check out our Sicily guide to ensure you become an expert of the island as well as of packing.


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