It might not be the first thing you think of when you summon Sicily to mind, but the island is home to some of the finest beaches anywhere in the Mediterranean and is ideal for an on the beach holiday. With a mix of busier resort beaches and peaceful hidden coves, it's got beach holidays to please everyone: golden sand and cobalt seas, a chance to mix and make friends, solitude on long stretches of uninterrupted beauty, water sports, diving. With our diverse range of hotels, villas and apartments, you've got access to all this and more. What better way to enjoy your holiday in Sicily. 


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Sicily Beach Holidays

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Sicily has a wonderful mix of beaches, generally determined by the local geography. In the north east the beaches tend to be pebbly or of volcanic sand due to the presence of Etna, whereas in the west and the south you'll find longer stretches of white or golden sand.

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The beach from dawn to dusk

With Sicily's long warm summer days you can enjoy your beach holidays from morning to evening - beating the morning crowds, snoozing in the sun, digging sandcastles, splashing in the shallow surf, try some water sports or maybe finding yourselves a hidden cove and watching the sun set across the sea.

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Hotel or self-catering?

We have personally selected a mix of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets - and to make the most of a Sicily beach holiday. Explore our properties and see what works best for you. Explore the resorts and more pebbly beaches of the north east, or seek out the best sands...

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